Enchanted Desire

Destiny’s never looked so dangerous.

Gina’s magical power was non-existent on a good day. But she had learned to deal with being non-magical in a family of powerful witches. So when she starts having erratic visions, all centered around the one man she did not want on her radar, she’s hoping it’s all a mistake. Fulfilling her family tradition through Eric being her destined mate is not what she wants.

He turns on the charm by the bucketful but she’s having no problem resisting him. So when she does seem to thaw slightly, he jumps at the chance to find out what makes her tick and why he can’t get her out his mind.

Is Gina responding to Eric because she knows he’s the man destined for her? And without her full powers, how can she save him when all she has are inconsistent visions about him being in danger? Gina must reach deep inside to find her magic or risk losing Eric.

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