Destiny's never looked so tempting.

Her sister's spell-casting causes Leena's to spill coffee in the lap of her new boss, Vince, who was on an firing spree. She needed to keep her job as an assistant to pay her bills before she lost everything. After this humiliating experience, her boss informed her that she had found her another position working as an assistant for Vince. Leena is dismayed to learn that her new renter is to none other than her boss Vince, but knows that she desperately needs the money and cannot turn him away.

Vince was only looking for a reliable assistant when he got Leena. To make matters worse, she is his new landlord and claims that she and her sister are both witches. Vince is attracted to Leena and cannot quit thinking about her, but wonders if his new feelings of lust are due to Leena’s powers.

Can Leena convince him that their feelings for one another have nothing to do with her powers and everything to do with love?

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