Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

That’s easy. Why, the indomitable Georgette Heyer of course. My first encounter with romance began with Ms. Heyer. I don’t even remember which book now that I’ve read them all many, many times. If you haven’t read her Regencies, you have such a treat in store for you that I envy you.

While I would love to support new authors, I am not an editor or agent. Your best bet would be to seek out a critique partner or submit to an agent or an editor. The Romance Writers of America has tons of resources on the website. Here’s wishing you all the best.

For now, my books are only available as e-books. When they are in print, the links will be on my website.

Check out my blog for information on my current project. There’s lots of neat stuff there including ways you can get involved by naming a character or helping me decide whose story to write next, plus information on new releases.


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